My Stinky Sink + Holly WaaW = Killer Personal Branding The Charlie Sheen’s Way :)

My Stinky Sink

I can nearly sink
in my Stinky sink
With a 4th pyramid of dishes
Typical Egyptian what you think?!
It’s happening so fast…
it’s making me sick
SCARY dishes piling up in a blink!
Give me a hand here pal…
do something QUICK!
Alien creatures are growing at my sink
Should I clean them up? Is that what you think?
I’d rather write this poem and sip my drink
Screw the dishes I’m much busier than you think!
Wanna take a cold shower and dress in pink
Yes, I’m sparkling clean but my sink STINKS!

Holly Waaw 

Sober up bro
Here comes the pro
Yo yo yo I run the show
What’s up y’all?
I have it all
Holly waaw! chick so fine
Yeah baby she’s divine
Big time hustler did you know?
Telling the world hustle and flow
Canadian Egyptian East hugs the west
Hire me and forget the rest
No bias dude! I’m keepin it real
For killer branding, I am the winning deal 🙂

OMG! Who is that bombshell?
Look at me stealin Salma Hayek’s title!
Here I am in a nutshell…

Award winning marketing pro
Killer copywriter who digs SEO
Authentic branding is what I know
Hire me and cashin the dough $$$

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