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The Help of Real Estate Professionals is Much Appreciated – [Real Estate Marketing Cartoon]

I need your help to determine how Real Estate professionals feel about using artwork in training materials.

Please take a moment to read the following paragrah, check the cartoon below and answer the questions underneath in the comments. Thank you.

The Lean Canvas business model is a very effective yet time-saving alternative to traditional business planning. It involves defining your customer segment and narrowing it down to a very specific niche market.

1.   Did the cartoon help in clarifying the Lean Canvas customer segmentation concept?

2.   Generally speaking, do you think that including artwork in Real Estate training material can add value to it? In other words, do you feel that the cartoon
did or (did not) detract from the training material professionalism?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts. Your valuable contribution is much appreciated.

Coming Soon…#FunEduPro Humor Portfolio

I have a very rich history with humor (as you can see in the categories under coming soon).

I hate talking theory! If you like #FunEduPro song, I can create a  song /poem for you that highlights your brand features to keep them memorable to fans and prospects. In addition, I can create cartoons to illustarte your training materials and make them more appealing.

Please keep visiting the blog as I will be adding super-funny staff soon. See ya 🙂

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